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Welcome! This page is dedicated to provide you, the participant, with information regarding the meeting and the final report of the results. It has been nearly 14 years since the O&P profession convened to critically assess the future of clinical practice and formal education. Our conference committee specifically selected you because of your current or previous history with O&P education.

Meeting Information

Meeting Agenda
Objective and Assumptions for Meeting
Questions For Summit
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Glossary of Terms
The Master's Degree

  O&P Reports/Information
Phoenix Report
Scope of Practice
Strategic Plan | Appendices (I, II) | Footnotes (1, 2, 3, 4)
2002 POEM Report (reference pages 29, 67 and 70)
WHO Guidelines Report (reference pages: Tasks of Personnel - pp. 12-13, Professional Profile Category I - pp. 21-23, Guidelines for Training Category I Personnel - pp. 24-31)

  Other Professions
NAACLS Master's Rationale
PA Taskforce Report
PT Education Time Line

ABC Credentialed Numbers
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2004 Accredited Educational Program Listing and Faculty Numbers
Alicia Davis Study (reference pages 22-38)
Bureau of Labor Statistics (reference pages 17 and 18)
Caroline Nielsen Study
Edwards Survey
O&P School Student Profiles
Practice Analysis

Summit Results

Consolidated Responses (PowerPoint presentation)

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Invited Participants

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